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Using an Automotive Repair Manual for Breakdowns

Did your car break down and you don’t feel like paying some outrageous price to your local mechanic?  I don’t blame you.  Nobody wants to fork out their hard-earned money if they can do it themselves.

First off, I hope your car hasn’t left you stranded on the side of the road, especially in the winter months.  But if it has, it is probably safest to have it towed to a location that will be convenient for you to do the needed repairs.  Your own garage or concrete driveway is your best bet.  If you don’t have a nice place of your own to work on your vehicle, consider asking a friend or relative if you can borrow their garage for a few hours before you call the tow truck.  Once you have the vehicle delivered it won’t be easy to move again without paying for another tow bill.

Now, assess the problem using the troubleshooting section in the repair manual as a starting place.  If you have more than one diagnosis for what it could be, always start with the cheapest thing to replace first.  That way if it’s not the more expensive parts you haven’t wasted the money buying them.  A couple of trips to the auto repair store may be necessary but worth it in the long run as some parts for cars and trucks (depending on the model) could be quite pricey.

Your automotive repair manual will help you to diagnose the problem and then show you diagrams and pictures of how the part comes on and off of your vehicle.

If you have any kind of mechanical skills at all, you should be able to fix your car or truck yourself using the proper manual for your make/model.  Sometimes things will seem like you are never going to get back on the road but just keep working at it, and even ask someone with a little more knowledge about your issue.  Sometimes just hearing someone tell you how to do something will click with what you have seen in your repair manual.

Don’t be afraid to give it a shot yourself because when you are back to cruising down the road at 55mph you will feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that you were able to fix it yourself without having to pad the pockets of the local garage owner.

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