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Car Owners Manual – What You Will Find Inside

March 12, 2012 Leave a comment

Inside every car owners manual is a wealth of information about your specific vehicle.  I opened up my 2006 Chevy Silverado’s owners manual and this is what I found inside:

Seats and Restraint Systems
This section includes the front and back seats, seat belts, child restraints and the airbags.

Features and Controls
This section of the owners manual deals with the locks and windows along with the theft deterrent system, mirrors, OnStar System, storage areas, sunroof and any vehicle personalization.

Instrument Panel
This section has an instrument panel overview, tells about climate controls, goes over the warning lights, gauges and indicators and covers the Audio System.

Driving Your Vehicle
This section talks about your driving, the road and your vehicle.  It also goes over towing information.

Service and Appearance Care
This is the section most people need their car owners manual for.  All the good information about your vehicle will be found in this section. It covers the servicing information and doing your own service work.  You will find fuel information and how to check things out under your hood here.  This section also covers the front and rear axle and the four wheel drive if your car or truck has that. You can learn how to replace light bulbs, windshield wiper blades and find the information on your vehicles tires.  There is also a nice guide to the care of my interior including the seats upholstery, carpet and keeping the instrument panel cleaned.  Wheel care and taking care of your paints finish is also covered here.  This is also where you will find the car or trucks electrical system information here too.

Maintenance Schedule
This section has all kinds of good information about the regular scheduled maintenance of your vehicle.  Read this information carefully and refer back to it often to make sure you keep up with your repairs and maintenance.

If you have a symbol or a light lit up that you need to identify, there is normally a chart in the front of your car owners manual that shows every symbol and light associated with your specific vehicle.

Sometimes You Need To Get a Car Owners Manual

March 6, 2012 Leave a comment

There are thousands of searches each month for automotive repair manuals but many times the information people need are actually in the car owners automotive manuals.  You should check the glove box of your car or truck to see if there is a owner’s manual inside that has the information you are searching for.

The radio/stereo system that came originally with your car will have directions inside the owners manual.  You should be able to also get the information on your vehicles navigation system.

The most important thing anyone will find in their manual is the maintenance schedule.  Keeping up with monthly and seasonal maintenance is important to keep your car running in tip-top shape.

If you can’t locate your original owners manual, you can find many places online to download one for free.  You can check the links on the side of this website to see if you can find your manual.

They are available for all makes and models of cars.

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